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Ale Rubiera is a Mexican cinematographer and still photographer based in New York City.

Her work has been screened in several film festivals around the world as, Atlanta Shortsfest, Portland Comedy Film Festival, Jaipur International Film Festival, Vancouver Independent Film Festival, Prague Independent Film Festival, Katra Film Series, Oaxaca FilmFest, Official Latino Film and Arts Festival, Hollywood International Golden Age Festival, Los Angeles Comedy Festival, LA Femme International Film Festival, Lady Filmmakers Festival, NewFilmmakers NY, New York Cinematography AWARDS (NYCA), among others.


In 2010, she graduated from Communication with a major in Film at Anahuac University of Mexico City. Since then, she has been working with several production houses in Mexico City and the United States.

From 2015 until now, she has been working as a freelance still photographer for NBC Universal, for the shows produced by Telemundo International.

In 2016, she earned a photography certificate at the Academy of Visual Arts of Mexico (AAVI). In 2018, she studied the one-year conservatory program in cinematography at the New York Film Academy, New York City campus. In 2019, she moved to Los Angeles to complete her Master of Fine Arts in Cinematography at the New York Film Academy Los Angeles campus. In 2021, she graduated with a Master of Fine Arts in Cinematography at the New York Film Academy.

In 2023, she was selected into The Academy of Motion Pictures Gold Rising Production Track in Cinematography.

She is currently working as a cinematographer and still photographer in New York City, Los Angeles, and Mexico City.

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